Friday, January 17, 2014

i did it!!

I actually completed my December Daily.  I printed all the photos, I put them in, added the journaling.  Yes, I really did. 

I'm usually not so great with these open-ended projects.  I often start with great intentions and motivation and get distracted by more fun projects along the way.  I think the keys to my success were:  Creating my Daily in advance--it wasn't all done before the beginning of December but it was all complete before the end of the month.  Making a list of the photos as I went along--my memory isn't what it used to be so jotting down each day's activity really helped.  Having to blog about it for MemoryWorks--always a good motivator.  Thanks to these things I finished my Daily and am very proud of myself. 

I blogged previously some of my pages.  Here are a few more.

 My completed Daily.  It ended up being quite chunky.  Chunky is always good.  :)

Like many of the other designers I included a calendar for the month.  Of course if I had thought I might use this in my Daily I most likely would not have written in BIG, brown Sharpie the reminder for bagged leaf pick-up.  It was moot anyway, there was snow on the ground and we couldn't rake let-alone have the township pick up our bagged leaves.

 Simple pages, good reminders.

 We didn't actually open gifts with our kids till the 28th, so I did most of my shopping after Christmas and didn't fill up under the tree until then.

 I left several pages for Dec 28th since I knew we'd be opening gifts with the kids then hosting my husband's family get-together.

 Ugh, the glare from the pockets.  I don't know how to avoid that in my photos.

 Here I placed an acrylic sheet from some winter gel cling packaging over my page.  It fit perfectly and has this nifty snowflake border.

I finished on a good note with a New Year's Eve selfie. 

As I said, I'm really happy I completed my Daily.  It sits proudly in my scrap space, all ready to look through and remember the month.

Next week I'm privileged to be teaming up with some of the former TeamWorks designers and their new company Clique Kits for a blog share and hop.  We're playing with some great products including custom designed flair and die cuts.  I hope you'll join us!

Be happy, get scrappy!


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