Wednesday, April 8, 2009

grandmom bidwell

This layout features my Grandmom Bidwell, a truly grand woman. She's the one in the bathing suit--even when everyone else is in street clothes. She lived in Margate, NJ for a time hence her attire. I have wonderful memories of going down to the shore and staying with her. I can still smell the eggs and coffee she made for breakfast. We'd go to the beach and then come home where we'd shower off. Then she'd lay me down on a lounge chair under the mimosa tree for a nap. I still love napping in the sun. She died when I was 10 but she taught me a lot, including how to play 500 rummy. These are just a few of the photos I have of this bold, confident lady.


hititli said...

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susanj said...

I have memories of getting a bath in a tin bucket in the yard. Also the living room where we played games and neighbors came to visit. As a kid it was fun to walk out of the back yard, over the dunes and onto the beach. This was all at the old house.

Thanks for bringing back the memories. The pages are beautiful.