Thursday, August 15, 2013


I created this little adventure journal to take with me on my trip this summer to Santa Fe, NM and Salt Lake City/Layton, UT.  My plan was to take it with me and fill it out as I traveled and I actually followed through with that plan!  Of course I couldn't add the photos until after I came home and printed them, but I took pix in the moment and journaled info about them.  It was challenging to guess how many pix I would put in, which ones, and how best to arrange them.

I started with two Sn@p sized full-sized page protectors and used them to create a soft covered book.  I could have easily used a Sn@p binder but I wanted a soft book that I could throw in my travel bag.  This worked perfectly. 

I used pockets throughout the book to tuck in memorabilia, here I've collected some of my luggage tags, including the weight tag from my suitcase.  I just made it with a 49lb suitcase. 

Since my morning started with missing my flight, I started my journal in the airport waiting for my new flight.  I used my iPhone to take pix.  I created pages of various sizes using the Sn@p papers, 4"x6" and 3"x4" journal cards.

I resized most of my photos to fit into my format.  I wrote right on the papers, not worrying about designs.

After I put all the photos and ephemera in I added in stickers and other embellishments that were left over from creating my album.

I'm glad I included this big pocket to tuck in maps, memorabilia and tons of extra photos.  I took so many photos...

I matted all the photos on kraft card stock for continuity, and inked them all as well.

Pockets were used to hold journaling cards as well.  I also used the day stickers to keep track of the day's journaling.

I am so glad I created this journal to take with me.  I met the wonderful team gals I've only known via cyberspace and had a great time working and playing with them. 

I also met many of the Home Office staff.  Boy do they work hard.  

I used the last page to wrap up my journaling and write some of my final impressions.  I was so exhausted here waiting to go home, missing my family and home.

Once again I bound my journal with my Bind-It-All.  I will treasure this journal forever, for the beautiful pix of our country, the fun times spent with family and friends and the thoughts I managed to record of my time away.

Be happy, get scrappy!


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