Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brand New Blog/Brand New Blogger

Here goes folks. I have been looking for an avenue to share my love of paper-crafting, scrap-booking, card-making, collage, and book-making for some time and I've finally taken this very first baby step. It feels more like a giant leap off a tall building without a safety net anywhere in sight. This is nothing new to those of you who have been blogging for awhile, give me time to get my feet wet and feel comfortable jumping in.

As to creativity today, there basically was none other than the choices needed for this blog. I did take my twin teen sons and myself out for hair styling(me) and cutting(them). We went to a local tech school and I got my long, wavy hair washed, cut, styled, dried, straightened and a facial for $2.; son got a cut & highlights for $8; the other a buzz cut for $1. Not bad. More money for paper. We also had lunch, then off to music lessons and errands. Now it's time to make a nice dinner for my husband who celebrates his birthday today.

For those in the Philadelphia area who may see this today or tomorrow, I'm teaching Technique Tags at Stacie and Gracie's Scrapbook Shoppe all day Friday; 12:30-7:00. It takes about 30 minutes to learn several new techniques and only costs $5.00 for all the materials. You don't bring a thing. For the month of July we're going grungy, the techniques will all revolve around the use of grunge board. S&G's is located on Bethlehem Pike in Erdenheim(between Chestnut Hill and Flourtown). You can check out the website:
If you come and mention this blog, I'll be thrilled. Might even share a whole untouched piece of grunge board with you. This will repeat every Friday in July. Check out the other classes S&G has to offer.

It's off to make that birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Honey.

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